Festival „Warsaw of Singer”

The 6th Festival of Jewish Culture "Singer's Warsaw"
August 29th - September 6th, 2009

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The schedule of the Fifth Edition

3rd edition of the Festival of the Jewish Culture "Warsaw of Singer" was held between 5 and 10 September 2006

The schedule of the 3rd edition

Report from the 3rd edition


The second edition of the Festival of Jewish Culture - "Warsaw of Singer" took place between 15-18 September 2005

The schedule of the second edition of the Festival of Jewish Culture - "Warsaw of Singer" 

The first  Festival of Jewish Culture - "Warsaw of Singer" was organized between 14 - 17 October 2004.

It was organized o­n 100 anniversary of Isaac Bashevis Singer birthday, an outstanding author writing in Yiddish, whose international career, crowned with the Nobel Prize in literature (1978) began in Warsaw and who until the end of his life - in spite of physical distance - was spiritually tied with this town.

The Festival lasted for four days. Each of them had its own character and ambience - it was kind of the colorful presentation and reconstruction of customs, music and tradition of Jewish Warsaw from Singer's era. For a few days part of the city between Prozna Street and the Grzybowski Square became alive.
Almost 40 different artistic happenings and events created the Festival in a several places at the same time:
- performances,
- film projections,
- exhibitions, literary and author's meetings,
- workshops, recitals and concerts,
- open air spectacles

The Festival merged scientific events with entertainment and artistic performances. A several thousands spectators participated in the Festival.

Together with the National Library we organized two day scientific conference devoted to Singer's works and Yiddish language, scholars and experts o­n Singer's literature and Yiddish from Poland, Israel, England and USA participated in it. Israel Zamir (I. B. Singer's son) was a special guest of the Festival and the scientific conference.

A performance of "Dybuk - between day and night" at the Jewish Theater officially opened the Festival. Festival events were opened with an exhibition "Singer - memory landscapes" and with meeting with Agata Tuszynska - the co-author of the exhibition.

Program of the exhibitions also included the following: "Singer's World" by Lila Fijalkowska, Małgorzata Krasucka and Maria Bendek, "World in a Drop of Water" photographs by Hanna Siudalska and an exhibition of Agnieszka Cieslinska's works.
There were also meetings with Ryszard Marek Gronski, Michal Friedman, Malgorzata Niezabitowska and Rabbi M. Schudrich. A panel meeting with I. B. Singer's son - Israel Zamir, Agata Tuszynska and journalists took place o­n the stage of the Jewish Theater.

During the Singer's Festival we also presented small theatrical forms based o­n "Gimpel the fool", "Tajbele and the demon", "Gambling for luck". A traditional Jewish humor was also presented during the four day event. During the performance of "Culinary Theater According to Singer" the Master of Ceremony and the Master of Humor was Szymon Szurmiej. The evening splendor was assured by performance of Slawa Przybylska with Janusz Tylman  accompaniment.
Klezmer music played an important role in the Festival. The audience had the opportunity to hear many concerts performed by musicians from Poland and from all over the world. Cantors: Benzion Miller and Israel Rand, bands: Veszpremer Klezmer Band from Hungary, Khupe from Germany, Kroke and Bohemian Trio, known all over the world were guests of the Festival. A lot of both, smaller and open air concerts (klezmer night) took place. Some music presentations took place in the Jewish Theater - "Jewish Pianos". A performance "Spirits Love Yiddish - reading Singer works" linked Singer and Jewish music. In the Nozyks' Synagogue a concert of world-famous cantors - Benzion Miller and Israel Rand was presented.
On Saturday and Sunday (16-17 October) open air events for public at large took place o­n the Prozna Street. The Prozna Street and the Grzybowski Square through two days were teeming with life of pre-war Jewish district. Public, which appreciated the colorful festival metamorphosis of the place, had a chance to get to know traditional pre-war Jewish trade, street art, food, music and also life of pre-war Jewish streets and backyards.
From morning until night concerts, cabarets, circus acts and karaoke were taking place. It was possible to participate in workshops of Yiddish, art, cooking, Jewish kitchen, Jewish singing and Jewish dancing. Competitions and workshops of art and music were organized for children, as well as workshops of Jewish cut-outs. Many people participated in walks o­n the Prozna Street and the city of Warsaw to see traces of Singer, photo amateurs were able to photograph elements of Jewish architecture under a watchful eye of a photographer-guide. Lovers of the cabbala had the opportunity to hear lectures of the cabbala and feel special ambience of it in a purposely prepared room o­n Prozna Street. Lovers of Jewish films were able to watch Jewish films during whole-day film presentations. We also presented Adam Kinaszewski's  film series "Warsaw - Singer's Landscape".
"10 Krochmalna Street" concert, featuring: Hanna Banaszak, Marta Bizon, Maryla Rodowicz, Justyna Steczkowska, Vadim Brodski, Bogdan Lazuka, Szymon Szurmiej, students and actors of the Jewish Theater, arranged in the form of a Jewish wedding was the final accent of the Festival.

The symbolic end of the Festival "Lullaby for Memory" took place at the Ghetto Heroes Monument with lighting of the torch and splendor of cantors' performance.

Festival of the Jewish Culture "Singer's Warsaw" is under patronage the Minister of Culture Waldemar Dabrowski, the President of Warsaw Lech Kaczynski and the ambassador of Israel David Peleg.

The Singer's Festival initiated series of annual artistic events commemorating outstanding figures of Jewish culture. The 2nd edition of the Singer's Festival will take place in September 2005.

The schedule of I Festival of Jewish Culture „Warsaw of Singer”

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